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At any rate, they use lye Na OH for the alkaline basic catalyst.) More importantly, they do a very nice matrix of Bentonite clay (it being cheaper and more available than Kaolin one presumes) with various mixes of fly ash and Silica Fume that is basically a waste product from making raw silicon for semiconductors and metallurgy.I can likely use diatomaceous earth as a substitute for silica fume (both mostly Si O2 very finely divided) and maybe some of that “garden lime” in place of their fly ash and / or cement components. Heck, as aluminum gets used in making feldspars, I could likely even use the Drano that has bits of aluminum in it. I spend several hours on the weekend trying to buy: A) Strong Base. Lime – Ca O or hydrated lime Ca(OH)2 or heck, even Natron – aka Sodium Carbonate Na2CO3 B) Kaolin Clay. There was some Drano, with a load of other stuff in the mix too. At least, if my understanding of what happens is right. It came from feldspars or feldspathoid minerals in the first place, so it ought to be willing to return to them…) Then another paper gave some actual p H values. That’s when I found most of the stuff I’m going to link here. Not quite the Kaolinite most of the research papers talked about, but still, it ought to work OK. So the basic “recipe” is an alkali of some sort as a catalyst, some clay with Aluminum and Silicate in it (and I hypothesize that most any other metal ions ought to be OK too, so clay with Fe or Mg content ought to work.All in all, that ought to be enough for a good start. Even noted in passing some other “odd bits” related to it. But then decided another bit of ‘prior art’ research ought to be done. Mostly an Aluminum Silicate clay of fairly pure sort. The idea being to do “mix and match” on the various stuffs and find out what worked and what was not so good. Looks like many different alkaline / basic materials might “work”.

In the sol so formed, neighbouring silicon or aluminium hydroxide molecules then undergo a CONDENSATION reaction where adjacent hydroxyl ions from these near neighbours condense to form an oxygen bond linking the molecules, and a free molecule of water; OH- OH- - O2- H2O (Ref : Hench L L, “Sol-Gel Silica.

Properties, Processing and Technology Transfer”, Noyes Publications, 1998) The “monomers” so formed in solution can be represented in 2-dimensions by;- – Si – O – Al – O – (poly[silalate]), or, – Si – O – Al – O – Si – O – (poly[silalate-siloxi]), etc, where each oxygen bond, formed as a result of a condensation reaction, bonds the neighbouring Si or Al tetrahedra.

The present study investigates the setting and strength properties of geopolymer mixtures containing binary combinations of bentonite-flyash, bentonite-cement, bentonite-silica-fume and ternary blends of bentonite-flyash-lime.

The effect of lime and alkali activator (sodium hydroxide) on the geopolymerisation of bentonite was studied systematically.

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