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Rocky 2300 had previously reached out to ISG members looking for advice being that it's his first trip ever to Thailand and Pattaya.

He had private messaged me earlier for some guidance and perhaps show him the spots in Pattaya.

So Rocky 2300, here for only 3 days, from New Delhi India, who is in the jewellery business was transformed into Rocky 2300, here for one month, from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, whose father owns several KTVs and clubs that often employed Thai girls visiting Malaysia.

I told him to rehearse that well and be prepared for questions.

I am not paying for that cause I can get better in that age group in the US, some parts of Europe and in Latin America without a bar fine...

Don't confuse sushi with French food, they are different and some folks may like both.Today I did the whole walk, from Walking Street to Soi 6 and I was surprised that it wasn't longer than it was.I expected it to be longer and I guess one gets another perspective when the reference is going with the Songthaew, the same stretch.It definitely seems like it is a longer distance when judging the distance from riding the Songthaew along Beach Road.I noticed that from around Central Pattaya Road up to Soi 6, there were definitely less ladies but there were still some scattered along the Beach Road.

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All in all they were quite impressive in numbers and if I had seen a stunner I would have taken her, but I didn't see any girl exactly to my liking.

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