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First, I want to start with a reality check so you can see what I will be discussing today and understand how important this information is to the way you conduct your day-to-day practice.

Codes of ethics were written by our national association to guide the way we practice audiology.

This text-based course is a transcript of the recorded seminar, "Compliance, Legalities, and Ethics in Audiology Today," presented by Kim Cavitt, Au D. Welcome to Compliance, Legalities, and Ethics in Audiology Today.

I am Kim Cavitt and I will be talking today about how these three things interact in the work we do as audiologists.

Failure to comply with ethical guidelines that are in your licensure laws can result in the loss of your license or suspension of your license. The codes of ethics that the audiology national associations set forth are there to protect you from practices that may be borderline unethical.

Failure to comply with codes of ethics of the organizations with which you belong can result in you being removed from the organization, or in the case of ASHA, you would lose your ASHA certification.

It is your state license that allows you to practice audiology.

The licensure boards are there to serve the patient.

If you do not want your patients to know, it may mean that there could be a perception of conflict of interest, and then you have been in violation of codes of ethics.

Both AAA and ASHA codes of ethics discuss conflicts of interest as well as patients perceiving that you are getting something for rendering services they are receiving.

Are we here to help patients who need it or are we here to serve the profession and not help patients when it is potentially detrimental to the profession of audiology? If you feel you are here to serve the profession first, then how comfortable are you ethically to take position with employers that are not working in the best interest of audiology? Is it ethical to accept cash, gifts, or trips from a vendor?

Is it ethical to accept cash, gifts, or trips from a patient?

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I asked the participants if they would feel comfortable telling their patients about what they were are doing in their practices.

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