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Flower of Six Petals (සයපෙති කුසුම) is a movie about a same-sex male relationship.Some contemporary pop and hip-hop songs also features LGBTQ themes.Conversion therapy is a harmful and unscientific intervention that can cause significant mental distress to those who undergo it.Groups such as "Companions On A Journey" and "Equal Ground" are helping to educate the public on the dangers of such harmful practices.Homosexuality is illegal under Article 365A and households headed by same-sex couples are not eligible for any of the protection given to married couples.However, the Government has announced that the Constitution of Sri Lanka bans discrimination based on sexual orientation.While HIV/AIDS is not only a public health problem for LGBT people, the HIV/AIDS pandemic has helped to open up a more public debate about gender roles and human sexuality in Sri Lanka.

The patient can now start to undergo necessary hormone therapy prior to any surgical intervention.

The former talks about homosexuals using positive descriptions, including tips on how to have better homosexuals sex in the Kama Sutra, while the latter's view on 'sexual misconduct' can affect liberal sexual activity among both hetrosexuals and homosexuals.

Transsexuals have had legal support on the island for long time, whereas third gender rights have not been reformed in concord with other governments of other South Indian peoples.

It can often be troublesome to find therapists who are understanding of transgender issues.

A major hindrance to most transgender individuals is that the island lacks any public or private hospitals that are able to perform SRS.

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