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He stressed that the church wanted to work with the government to keep children safe and if they have got concerns about particular settings “they should intervene.” But, he added: “It’s not for the state to tell churches how to behave or to get into state regulation of religion.”I write to you as if I am writing to a friend, because I feel that I know you. When I hit puberty, I began to experience attraction to other boys.I explained it away or ignored it for years, but eventually in college I came to accept that I was bisexual or gay (I do not believe in modern concepts of sexual orientation.I imagine to American readers that this would sound like a serious case of state overreach, but the other side of this which conservatives might be sympathetic to is the need to crack down on the spread of violent Islam through madrasas.( Even the “conservative” government has realised there is a problem and such establishments really do need to regulated, or indeed shut down.To be fair to myself, I had no reason to believe that any spiritual mentors would have been good to talk to about this. I went to a top secular university because I wanted to be an emissary for Christianity.Fire and brimstone sermons about gays who would corrupt our country didn’t exactly make me feel like I could find pastoral support for what I was experiencing. Instead, I found my faith shaken because of my struggles with my sexuality.I eventually opened up to a campus minister and my church’s pastor, who were gracious and loving and have supported me for years now.

I bottled them up and didn’t talk to any spiritual leaders about them.

No serious Catholic is in any doubt about the standards by which we will be judged to be raising our children: are they being taught that gayness is next to godliness? In regard to the questions you ask: my wife has already made it clear that obstetrics and gynaecology is more or less closed off to her and being a GP will also be extremely challenging due to the expectations about abortion and contraception.

This is despite the fact that we have protections in law for physicians who do not wish to be involved in such practices.

As a British reader I think your post “Life in Post-Christian Britain”is mostly spot-on. The abortion lobby here is very powerful with little in the way of serious political opposition.

I know many committed pro-lifers but there is the general feeling that the political battle has more or less been complete lost, at least for the time being.

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