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In the end, it changes to the MAN party, and if John has played the game right, James will let him into the frat, and John has the choice of accepting or declining his invitation.

Owen Harris is the 'New Guy' in Season 1, which was released in the September 2012 reboot of Surviving High School.

This causes Nate to hate Owen more and he hires Wes to discover more about Owen.

Wes discovers that Owen transferred from Pinecrest High after he accidentally put a student, Ken, from another school on a wheelchair during a game of football due to the pressure from his dad.

Feeling remorseful of his actions, Owen transfers to Twin Branches High.

It starts with John meeting Bryce in his room, and then finding out that they are roommates.

After that John will go to the poetry class and meet Raven and Adam.

After talking with Adam, he will be paired up with Raven to make a Haiku.

Owen was introduced as the new main male protagonist of the game as a replacement of Howard and John who were the main male protagonists of the game before they graduated, and Owen came.

Owen's most notable story so far has been his relationships with Zoe and Paige and his troubled past.

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Owen was greeted by Zoe and has a liking towards her, though is warned by Nate Crawford, who has a crush on Zoe, to stay away from her.

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