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That said, the articles and posts of this website are taken largely from personal experience and are more often then not very trustworthy sources of information – whether you choose to trust them or not is entirely up to your own judgment.

This is a highly emotional reason for starting a business, and you should probably put a little more emphasis on the facts. Get some proof from your upline (at a level close to you, not proof from the top) that they are actually making money.

A lot of independent reps pretend that ACN is making them rich, when really they are just as broke as everyone else.

Be careful – find some proof that the people whose footsteps you’re about to follow in are actually doing what they claim to be. We are open to and uncritical of what anybody has to say. Do you have a contradiction to our arguments that shows ACN really is a good way to make money?

There is very limited data on the success rates of ACN Independent Representatives.

Most people are told from the start that less than one in 100 are successful in the business.

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