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I mean, unless you standards for treatment in a relationship include hour-long foot rubs and magic carpet rides every night promptly at 7, in which case you might want to re-evaluate your priorities just a little bit.

But if you have realistic expectations about being treated with respect, you shouldn't budge on that just because the person you like happens to treat you poorly.

You should always be interested in and open to the likes of your significant other, and they should feel the same about your likes.

If someone ever asks you to give up a friend with no good reason, just because they don't really like them, then you need to think about why you're in that relationship to begin with.

The person you're dating should want you to be happy, and your friends are one element in that happiness, and you should always maintain your friendships, even when you're in love. If your family and SO don't get along, bad luck to them both.

If you get along with both parties, that's all that matters.

Otherwise, carry on with what you're passionate about, and enjoy the fact that sometimes having differences is more important than being someone's doormat.

Unless you have an actually abusive or genuinely mean friend, or someone who steals from you, or who killed your dog on purpose or something equally egregious, you should never change your friends for the person you're dating.

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