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Some show up, find a guy, disappear for awhile, the show up again looking for another guy.

Others just use it for another route to get whatever she may get from a guy.

The cool thing about Forumosa Friends is that the pool of candidates is much bigger than just the people that have registered through Forumosa.

Success meaning they've gotten what appears to be a long-term relationship out of the deal.

Don't worry about having no experience with dating.

So once you pick a girl, and if you care, get to know her and find out how many guys she has met via these sites.

Chances are it could be your friend, or your friends' friend, or you might bump into her exe's when roaming around Taiwan.

Just using the hot or not application you will find an amazing amound of cute taiwanese girls. I know some guys that have used Forumosa Friends successfully.

Listen, are you To get back on topic, there are boatloads of applications on Facebook for this kind of use. Hi folks Was thinking of paying for a membership to contact members on the site. RIP Zhao Ziyang and the patriotic martyrs of June 4th 1989) Hopefully someone here can translate that into Simplified Chinese.

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However, I shouldn't mention that here, because it is politics and this is the Dating Forum.

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