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She likes how I treat her, she's the first one to actually like it.

I tend to do things for her without being asked to. What can I do to remedy this or keep from making the same mistake again. I'm 31 now and haven't had a serious relationship last over a year. I know I'm not ugly and I treat people the way they want to be. I'm always there for them, but no one's there for me.

Hook-up “I like to keep things casual.” = Hook-up (red flag) He only texts you and never picks up the phone to call you.

= Hook-up (red flag) Makes plans to see you again, while you are on the date. = Dating Moves your hair out of your face and does the little stare.

They may be right, they may be wrong, but here's my take: As a fellow 31 year old, I understand what you're going through and having just been through an experience of "notdating™" someone, this sounds erily familiar.

Most of the time one party has made it very clear that he/she is not interested in a relationship with the other and are just friends.I think people (usually men) get freaked out when they hear the word “dating” and automatically think “dating” means you are in a monogamous relationship. Yes…if you only go on one date it is not considered dating.But if you’ve gone on multiple dates (three to be safe) with a person, then you two are dating. A date doesn’t begin with going over to a guy’s house to borrow a hammer after 9pm and end up banging it out for an hour.You have a friend who you hang out with…but also have sex with them.You two are friends and are NOT dating each other; you make plans to go hiking, have dinner or to the movies…and then occasionally have sex when it is convenient.

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A date consists of two people making plans to go out to a public place over dinner or drinks with the intent to get to know one another better (not just to get laid). Hook-up Text another Hook-up = Hooking-up You meet a guy at a bar, flirting happens, you share a kiss, you go back to his house and you hook up.

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