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The conditions may be as simple as giving notice or complex and require payments by the party desiring to cancel.

: Determining a present value of income property by taking the annual net income (either known or estimated) and discounting by using a rate of return commonly acceptable to buyers of similar properties.

: An inexpensive method of constructing walls by pouring concrete into form flat on the ground, allowing to harden, then raising the forms by a crane or block and tackle to a vertical position, thereby forming the wall.

: A multiplier which is added to a tenant’s useable square footage for that tenant’s prorated share of common areas within the building which support the tenant space.

Sessions may be conducted either in-person or remotely.

The Ministry of Works and Infrastructure wishes to update the public on the progress of two of the bridges under its Bridges Reconstruction Programme, B2/10 Toco Main Road and B3/5 Pluck Road.

The Bridges Reconstruction Programme (BRP) was launched on January 12th 2014 and was as a result of a year-long assessment of the Highways Division’s infrastructure.: A clause in a lease calling for the decision of a third party (arbiter) regarding disputes over future rents based on negotiation.Also used in construction contracts, disputes between brokers, etc.This analysis conducted from 2010-2011 revealed that the road network was severely compromised by dilapidated bridges, numerous landslips and deteriorated traffic management infrastructure.In order to address these issues, three (3) inter-related Programmes of Works, of which the Bridges Reconstruction Programme was one, were developed.

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: An amount, usually as a percentage, paid to an agent (real estate broker) as compensation for his services.

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