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The association’s main priorities in the commercial vehicle field for 2018 are, according to Mr Drees, “further reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from road transport and continuing our commitment to safety improvements, as well as harnessing the potential of connected and automated driving to contribute to both these goals.”European Union legislation requiring the fuel economy and thus CO2 emissions of various types of trucks and buses to be certified and declared (based on the VECTO, Vehicle Energy Consumption Calculation Tool, computer software which ACEA helped develop) is expected to begin to come into force this year.

So is the latest big revision to the EU’s “general safety regulation” on which the European Commission consulted widely last year.

It also introduces various legal structures and strategies employed to restructure corporations.Mr Drees, 53, has headed MAN (a wholly-owned subsidiary, like Scania, of the Volkswagen Truck & Bus group) since 2015. After studying for business administration degrees in Stuttgart, Germany and Portland in the US, he worked at various management consultancies before joining the Mercedes-Benz truck division in 1996.In the ten years Mr Drees worked for Mercedes-Benz his jobs included commercial director of the Gaggenau transmission plant.He is Chris Read, promoted from national sales performance manager to business line director to fill the vacancy created by the departure of Emmet Wrafter.He had been in the job for less than a year and had joined Iveco (from Lease Plan) following Ian Lumsden’s move to Tesco.

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