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As such, we will not all agree on everything, nor should we; especially given the fact that Masonry was designed as an individual adventure.

Yet, despite this understanding, we still retain some Masons who act according to their worldly instruction, rather than Masonic instruction; and they get away with this behavior because many Masons empower them by agreeing with, or disagreeing with, them in an online forum. As well, be very careful when writing about your political and religious viewpoints, for this too may look poorly upon you and the craft.

When a Mason attacks another order, viewpoint or position, he does nothing to change those organizations or its followers; such behavior only makes enemies of them.

Interestingly, quite often I have found many people from different and unaffiliated orders more knowledgeable about Masonic esoteric history, doctrine and behavior than the common Master Mason of traditional Blue Lodge Masonry, who so often love to attack others based only on the limited knowledge he gained from exclusive Blue Lodge instruction.

Yes, let us strive to be more like God; but always remember that God loves all his children, not just the Masons of your order (rite). Pike wrote about the Masons “who are invested with the power of judgment,” should “in deducing the motive” of another person “not assign to the act either the best or the worst motives,” rather, they should be “just and fair:” “Those who are invested with the power of judgment should judge the causes of all persons uprightly and impartially, , 1871, p. Masonry is a big umbrella, with a lot of people from differing backgrounds.

To the gentle, many will be gentle; to the kind, many will be kind. Don’t Ever Attack Other Masonic Orders (Rites) Or Other Esoteric Organizations, Especially Clandestine Orders, And Never Tell Another Person That He Or She Is Not A True Mason Because They Do Not Belong To Your Order: Simply stated, nothing is really ever gained by attacking others online.

A good man will find that there is goodness in the world; an honest man will find that there is honesty in the world; and a man of principle will find principle and integrity in the minds of others” (Albert Pike, , 1871, p. By doing so, all you do is create enemies, and tarnish your own soul in the process.

Did he (or she) not learn anything from his Masonic lessons?

Well, he actually did, but in a misguided effort to protect the craft, he instead has become a cyberbully.

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