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“We were kissing each other across him, and then we both started kissing him,” said Sophie. And it was both.” After that, Anna and Sophie continued to spend all their time together-but even now that they were physically involved, they never thought of themselves as lesbians.They both knew that their romance would probably come to an end if either one of them met a guy she wanted to date. G.’s” (lesbians until graduation) became a term of derision in the 1990’s-applied to college women who slept with women on campus but would immediately link up with socially appropriate males once they left college-the trend seems to have worked its way into a younger crowd. Boys interested in publicly experimenting with other boys would find themselves in a far less “glamorous” subgroup.) “Day-long, week-long, month-long: There are many types of lesbians at my school,” said “Tina,” a junior at a private school on the Upper East Side.Sophie was straddling Eliza, one of her best friends, giving her a back rub and fiddling with her straight blond hair. “I’m not about straight and gay,” said Anna, “I think that if you see something special in a person, that’s all that matters.I’ve generally found those special things in guys, but Sophie and I were utterly and completely dependent on each other, and I really loved her.” “I spent every single day of my life with Anna,” said Sophie. When she wouldn’t call me, I’d be like, ‘Why isn’t she calling?If you ever go to Ani Di Franco concerts, they’re filled with girl-girl couples between the ages of 12 and 20, and I’m sure a lot of them are not going to end up gay.” Girl-girl love scenes are increasingly unremarkable in movies like 1999’s Cruel Intentions (in which Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s characters share a slow and deliberate French kiss) and the current Femme Fatale , in which Rebecca Romijn-Stamos’ character seduces Rie Rasmussen.

We’re living in a sexually permissive time, and girls feel empowered enough and want to experiment.In some ways you can even imagine, when you’re making out with a girlfriend, what these things that are so amped up in the culture-like breasts and soft skin-are like.You get to objectify someone the same way you’re objectified by men.” On a recent Saturday night, about a year after Sophie and Anna met at the ski house, Sophie, Anna, Anna’s boyfriend Thomas and a girl named Eliza-now all juniors at the same private high school-were clustered on the floor of Sophie’s bedroom in her parents’ Gramercy Park apartment.“A lot of kisses are meaningless,” said Anna, who looks like a less sweet version of Katie Holmes.“But there are those few that really just fill you up and make you feel warm and happy.” Sophie and Anna (their names have been changed) arrived at their friend’s brownstone and joined everyone in the den, sitting down on either side of a guy Anna had a crush on. But there’s this thing about enjoying it-and doing it for attention.

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“She put her hands around my neck and kissed me back, and that was it,” said Sophie.

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