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Burning characteristics were impeccably well-mannered; with nary a gurgle, the bowl proceeded without any fuss (or need for a re-light) for nearly an hour, steadily gaining in sweetness and flavor intensity right through to the last few grains of unburned tobacco and some silvery, dust-fine ash.

This was one of those "transcendental" bowls of tobacco that really sings, and I remarked at least a half-dozen times to my walking companion how wonderful this particular smoke was.

In direct sunlight, every bit of tobacco ribbon had a fine, nearly microscopic dusting of glittering sugar crystals; a good sign.

The tin's moisture level was close to ideal for the relatively dry evening air.

Since each of the first reviewers has awarded this with 4 stars, and added many of their individual comments, I'll just say that I agree with everything written so far.

But in some pipes, Westminster was very Virginia - forward, sweet and citrus.

In other pipes, it was all about the Latakia, smooth, dark and smoky.

The quality of leaf is lightyears ahead of the Orlick blend. Like so many of the GLP blends, this is complex; there are multiple layers of rich flavor that come and go as a bowl progresses. This is simply an observation, not a complaint - it's like many GLP blends, in that it's pretty moist when first opened.

I would say the Orlick London Mix is like watching Casablanca on an old TV, on AMC. Its fresher (literally), more intense, There's more clarity in taste- Like taking a picture of a sunflower with an old brownie camera, then another of the same flower with a digital. The latakia (which I like, as long as it's proportioned and not utterly dominant) is of obvious quality, and the VA sweetness is there, but again, in great balance. It's Dunhill Standard Mixture Medium to the third exponent.

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(The environment counts; it was a perfect cool evening in the high 60s, relative humidity around 40%, walking near a creek with lots of poplars and aspen trees.

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