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Ar šie, 1994 metais ištarti, Billo Gates’o žodžiai taps pranašiški, paaiškės netolimoje perspektyvoje.Blockchain technologija, kuri yra prilyginama interneto atsiradimui, atveria galimybes eliminuoti kontroliuojančias įstaigas ir stipriai pagreitinti operacijas.

It is bounded by the Žemaičiai Upland to the east, which gives way to the flat expanses of the The lowland, consisting of glacial lake clays and boulder-studded loams, stretches in a wide band across the country from north to south; some portions of it are heavily waterlogged.

Average annual rainfall usually exceeds 30 inches (about 800 mm), diminishing inland.

Rainfall reaches a peak in August, except in the maritime strip, where the maximum is reached two to three months later.

Thumbnails on the right correspond to the map key below left. Maps are arranged and numbered according to the index map below.

Lithuanian topographic maps from the same period are arranged directly beneath these maps, in roughly the appropriate geographic position.

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