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Because of its limitations, mobile live streaming isn’t the best choice in the long term.It a good temporary solution, either as a way to test if your live stream is a viable product or as a secondary setup if you’re trying to stream two events simultaneously.If your streaming provider uses Wowza, this handy app delivers your live video and audio content to any device.It’s simple to use—just configure the live stream settings once after installing the app and save them for future use, and you’re ready to start live streaming.The best thing about mobile live streaming is that anyone can do it, anytime!

Times like these are ripe for live streaming, but not everyone is fully outfitted with a video camera and an encoder. That nifty i Phone or i Pad sitting right next to you will do the trick in a pinch, and you can live stream anything you want, anytime.There are also a few that are compatible with several different live streaming platforms.Whenever we’re asked about how to live stream from mobile devices, we recommend Go Coder from Wowza.For example: rtmp:// Name Technical Details- codecs: H.264/AAC- protocols: RTMP and RTMPS- Settings: Resolution, Frame Rate, Keyframe Rate, Bitrate (or adaptive), Server Link, Stream Name, Credentials and more... Hey developer: CLEARLY OUTLINE what you’re doing in your description. My only downfall is that if I stream from my phone while I'm not home, I wouldn't be able to read the comments.Subscription Pricing and Terms Broadcast Me offers unlimited streaming which is paid for by a one-off upfront payment of .99 which offers lifetime access. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. It streamed for 15 seconds then it threw up a .99 charge if I wanted to continue (for unlimited streaming). I'm a streamer myself who doesn't have all those fancy Built PC's .. I'll have like a 10-20 minute time span before it stops the broadcast.

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