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Hardy’s allowance of such happiness, however, is short-lived.Unlike with the happy ending of multiple marriages in “Pride and Prejudice”, Tess’ marriage to Angel falls apart on their wedding night, when they both confess about their previous sexual experiences.

This is reflected when Tess later falls in love in Angel, but vows not to marry him, rejecting his advances until he places his “entire happiness and worldly convenience” in her hands and declares himself to be irrevocably in love with her.Tess spends most of the novel working, either at Trantridge, Crick’s Dairy, or Flintcombe Ash, and providing for her family.However, marriage was not any less of an imperative – it was still viewed as a means of financial security, a way out of poverty, and a means to move up social classes.This is also a theme that resonates in Austen’s work.Jane and Bingley’s marriage nearly does not happen as Darcy interferes with their relationship on the grounds that Jane does not appear to truly like Bingley, and on account of Jane’s social inferiority, despite her being a gentleman’s daughter.

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