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Note from Jen: this next confession was given to me by Lisa.

It was emailed to by Shelly after the reunited at their high school reunion and eventually shared their K9 encounters with each other.

Cunnilingus and blowjob between a slut mistress and her dog I drove home feeling wet, no panties as usual, the traffic stopped giving me a chance to put my hand up my short skirt to rob my clit and finger myself for a minute.

Lynn has long blond hair down to her waist, striking blue eyes, 36D breasts, stands 5’4” tall and weighs 130 lbs.

Lynn emailed me a pic that an ex-boyfriend took of her body and gave me permission to include it in this post (at the end).

We spoke to each other and agreed to invite a sexual partner for me on my birthday to have 🙂 The thing we had to think of was the person who could be the third one to fuck me as it should have been someone whom we trust and who would not gossip that he had his cock in my vagina Having given the thought some consideration we decided that it must be our dog.

The thought itself made me leak with desire as our dog was about to drill my cum pit. We sent our kids to the granny s and started our perverted game.

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My husband is filming the show as the horny pet hammers my dripping wet flesh! Anyways, she really enjoys getting this horny dogs huge cock rammed up her tight hole! The story was available on the web, in another ANIMAL SEX SITE, before being posted here.

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