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Viewer Mike Greenhaus reminds me that this is the first episode that George uses the name Art Vandelay.

The name of Vandelay would be used again in "The Boyfriend" and many other episodes.

Jerry is disappointed when everything is going his way until he finds out she is engaged.

b: 05-Jul-89 pc: 101 w: Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld d: Art Wolff NOTE: In this episode, Jerry refers to Kramer as Kessler, because we later learn in "The Betrayal" this was the name on the buzzer for Kramer's apartment.

This is unlike George's dad, who was played by one actor, replaced by Jerry Stiller, and footage was re-shot with Jerry taking over the original dad's part in "The Handicap Spot".[Editor's Note: Yes, as I mention in the description of the final episode.] In this episode, the coffee shop Jerry and George go to is not Monk's. In the TV Guide entry for this episode, his character is credited as Hoffman.I assume that this is the way it appeared in the script somewhere along the way.Another viewer, Jeremy De Mai, also notes that George first mentions his fetish for wanting to be an architect.Viewer Ross Raniere remembers that when this episode was rerun on NBC, Jerry and Julia come on in a bumper before the show started.

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