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But ’s creators and show-runners, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, already had the beaches of Newport in their rearview mirror, with their sights on a next project.They had been sent Cecily von Ziegesar’s popular ] and its kind of crazy four-year run that we wanted to take and apply to something moving forward, and we were really excited about doing something in New York,” Schwartz said over lunch in Los Angeles this past winter.It’s currently available on Netflix, where a new generation is discovering the show for the first time.

We can’t put it in writing, but we promise you can go.’ So that’s why I said, ‘O. It just got —which is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its premiere this September—would be that show for anyone who was a teenager or twentysomething (or, in many cases, older than that! The show premiered before Instagram or Snapchat had launched, and before Facebook and Twitter had become the juggernaut forces they are today.On the tenth anniversary of the CW’s flagship series, Blake Lively had quit acting.The blonde Tarzana, California, native—who, one imagines, leaves a trail of sunflower emojis and the scent of cupcake icing in her wake wherever she goes—had had enough.As Kristen Bell, who voiced “Gossip Girl” for the show, said to me, “[Schwartz and Savage] were spearheading: The show also debuted at the very end of the period during which people regularly watched shows live when they aired (as opposed to on their DVRs or laptops or phones).As Ostroff put it, “It holds such a place in pop culture and in society where people just really say, ‘I remember everything around that show.

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The official green light was a mere formality: Schwartz and Savage were off to the races.

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