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Supply commercial quantity ketamine; Form 1 (possess methylamphetamine). The drugs were found following police executing a search warrant on residential premises occupied by the applicant.The applicant was arrested & taken to the police station.He declined to take part in an electronically recorded interview & entered a plea of guilty in the LC. BARTA, Stefan - CCA, 3.2.2006 Mc Clellan CJ at CL, Howie & Latham JJ Citation: Barta v R [2006] NSWCCA 6 Sentence appeal (extension of time).Aged 37 - disabled pensioner (renal failure) - guilty plea - priors - previous imprisonment. 1 x supply commercial quantity heroin; 1 x supply heroin on an ongoing basis; Form 1 matters. Whilst intercepting calls on Vincent Caccamo's telephone, police became aware that the applicant was a source of drugs supplied to Caccamo.The victim pursued the applicant for some time, assisted by the driver of a vehicle he had flagged down.

He demanded that the victim hand over his laptop & a small bag. The victim also left the train & dialled 000 on his mobile phone.

Blood taken from the applicant about an hour after the collision gave a reading of 0.173. HAYEK, Fadi - CCA, 30.1.2006 Giles JA, Howie J Citation: Hayek v R [2006] NSWCCA 5 Sentence appeal Take & drive conveyance without consent of owner; possess implements to enter & drive conveyance; 4 summary offences on a s.166 certificate (dangerous drive, possess methylamphetamine, carry cutting weapons, drive whilst disqualified). Applicant stole an unattended car that had been left with the keys in the ignition.

Aged 22 at time of collision - previous offences of exceeding speed limit - on GBB at time of collision. Whether error in failure to adequately evaluate moral culpability - fresh material - need to address purpose & usefulness of material tendered - concurrent sentences - whether sentence manifestly excessive. Police were notified & a high-speed pursuit took place.

On an almost daily basis & sometimes more frequently, Caccamo was driven to applicant's premises where he purchased 7 grams of heroin at a cost of ,000.

Further intercepts on applicant's telephone revealed that the applicant supplied heroin totalling about 213 grams on 46 separate occasions to a number of persons, including Caccamo.

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About 500 metres from the hotel, their vehicle failed to negotiate a right-hand bend, mounted the kerb & travelled about 5 metres before coming into contact with a telegraph pole.

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