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Maybe it was that gold dress or her messy love life, but Joely Richardson was seen as the frivolous member of the Redgrave clan.

But, now the actress is an international star, it's time people started taking her seriously, she tells Liz Hoggard Joely Richardson is frowning. In the flesh she looks amazing: so tanned and blonde that everyone else in the photographer's studio seems washed out.

I didn't in any way come into my looks, if there is such a thing, until my late thirties. So I think that's why people say 'Things seem to be going well for you at an age when it's usually harder for women.' But then my mum or Glenn Close, their film careers didn't start until their late thirties...

Going back to the 'famous family' thing, there's always the idea that if you come from a theatre/film background then it's easier for you, but in my twenties it was very, very difficult to find jobs." Richardson is almost unrecognisable as Wallis.

In Nip/Tuck, she plays a desperate housewife with a 17-year-old son ("I don't see her as a victim. And next week she's on our screens as Wallis Simpson in a lavish TV film about the American socialite's love affair with Edward VIII, which led to his abdication. It didn't work for me because I was always too tall.

A few years ago, I was filming The Patriot, and we were checking out of the hotel, and the hotel owner said to me, 'Would you sign this picture?

', and offered me these naked images from Lady Chatterley off the internet!

' Maybe that was why I was so intrigued." Wallis, a famous clothes horse, was 5ft 2in with choir-boy hips "something I couldn't get round" says Richardson apologetically.

"I tried to stay as skinny as I could, which wasn't easy because for years I smoked and so I could eat whatever I wanted.

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