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I think this is a nice first-step towards healing the built up anger you have with Sports Illustrated.

By the way, how would you like it if Elsa begged you to do this…

(You know Michelle loves to eat pussy) Sarah & Cindy?

(Sarah’s the dominant one–she’d make Cindy hook up the strap-on) Michelle & Sarah?

Fellas…because it’s our job to think about vaginas all day, everyday, it’s high time that we address a very important issue.

It’s absolutely crucial that you buy a pair which fit you perfectly, with enough room to wriggle your toes and no tightness anywhere. These beauties have the ease and comfort of a fabric boot with the toughness and all-weather tech of a leather one, and can withstand any storm you care to chuck at them.

(Sarah’s for sure taking a tongue in the poop shoot) Or how about giving up your voting rights for the rest of your life for one night of balls deep on Mc Cains daughter, Meghan?

I think if we were playing Jeopardy–the answer would be: What is choice #4, for 0 Alex?

Another protest will also be held in Denver, Colo., on Aug.

26 at the steps of the Democratic National Convention.

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More of Elsa, including the back door, can be found here…

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  3. This is old email about being scheduled to give a presentation to the director of NSF on NSFNET backbone ... The convention here in Canada is to make a long weekend by taking the following Monday off, rather than the preceding Friday.