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Bob will have to wait for Alice to end her transaction and when Bob’s SELECT is unblocked he will automatically see her changes, therefore Alice’s UPDATE won’t be lost.Both transactions should use the FOR UPDATE locking.If the first transaction commits, then the second one must be aborted to prevent lost updates.Another solution would be to use the FOR UPDATE with the default Read Committed isolation level.This time, Bob couldn’t overwrite Alice’s changes and his transaction was aborted.In Repeatable Read, a query will see the data snapshot as of the start of the current transaction.Read Committed accommodates more concurrent transactions than other stricter isolation levels, but less locking leads to better chances of losing updates.

You first load an entity, change it and let the Hibernate flush mechanism synchronize all changes with the database.Postgre SQL uses both locks and MVCC (Multiversion Concurrency Control).In MVCC read and write locks are not conflicting, so readers don’t block writers and writers don’t block readers.As I’ve already pointed out, all UPDATE statements acquire write locks, even in Read Committed isolation.The persistence context write-behind policy aims to reduce the lock holding interval but the longer the period between the read and the write operations the more chances of getting into a lost update situation.

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This locking clause acquires the same write locks as with UPDATE and DELETE statements.

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