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It’s worth noting that often our bodies know what we are feeling before we become aware; when our chest tightens; when our fists clench; or when our throat aches.These are the first cues we get as to what emotion has come up, and it’s usually to these cues that we respond to and instead move to the secondary emotion.A friend asked to read this post and it was quite popular on an old blog of mine, so I’m reposting it here. ” That was the topic of one of Marie’s blog posts (months ago, but I missed it! I started a reply to her that I realized was long enough to constitute a blog post of its own, so here is my reply to her: I have thought a lot about this, and have many theories, so bear with me. I should refrain from using that term, as it stigmatizes people, like myself, who have legitimate psychiatric conditions. It doesn’t matter how much weight I gain, or if I get obnoxious too often, or if I do crazy things like hacking into their email to retrieve an accidental “reply-all” message, or even crazier stuff like throwing a whole Christmas tree at them.(Not that I feel offended or targeted by your blog in any way.) But, whatever. I never have had a problem getting and maintaining male attention. As for the “bitch” part, I think that is a sexual stereotype that wouldn’t hold up if it were a man exhibiting the same behaviors. Yes, she was a bombshell, but part of the reason she was a bombshell is that she exuded sex, as many of us do for reasons I will get to further on down the list.Really I urge anyone going through DBT Skills, whether on their own or not, to give a considerable look to all 10 pages of Handout 6 because it is an invaluable source to figure out what we’re feeling.It’s particularly helpful when looking over the Interpretations of the events that prompted the emotion, and the biological changes that occur.well, we don’t have penises, we have no business acting like that. If you ever read any of Monroe’s writing, you would see her self-hatred and insecurities (and she kill herself, after all – as many people who share my condition do. As crazy and “bitchy” as we can seem, we love with every bit of that passion. An ex lover once told me, “Yes, you are challenging, sometimes even exhausting, to deal with…The survival rate is about 85-90%, and although the condition occurs in like 2% of the general population, it makes up an ENORMOUS percentage of psychiatric inpatients.) She was not the best actress, but she was incredibly intelligent, which brings me to… Most women with these conditions are of above average intelligence, statistically. It can be extremely difficult for a man to handle, but it’s never, ever boring. That constant pulling-near/pushing-away causes men (or women, in the case of lesbians – I’m not trying to be all homophobic here) to often feel as if they haven’t fully “won us over” yet, as if we’re never truly theirs completely, and that offers another unique challenge. but all the amazing, creative, wonderful things you bring into my life outweigh all the crazy shit you put me through.” YOU girls should know this one better than anything, just from being my friend!

But taking each of markers as a whole can help to identify the emotion.The line I would think one should draw is at abuse. If she’s being abusive toward him, it would be helpful to be a supportive and concerned friend. She deals with more in her mind and heart than many of you will ever experience, and sometimes she can’t keep all the “crazy” on the inside. I typically move between three states of emotion: fear, shame and numbness.Actually I guess I can’t count numbness since that’s a feeling, or lack thereof.

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