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At the end of the week, test your skills by going on a trail ride. Each unit will participate in closing camp skits and songs that they will create together giving girls the option to confidently sing in front of the whole camp. Each Girl Scout will be able to participate in activities which include swimming, archery, smallcraft, and arts and crafts throughout their stay at camp where she will be able to gain confidence in praciticing new skills. Staff will provide Girl Scouts with positive comments and encouragement to feel comfortable being their true selves while at camp. Staff will act as models for girls to look up to while they are at camp. The Girl Scouts of Silver Sage’s summer camps, Camp Alice Pittenger (CAP) and Camp Ta-Man-A-Wis (TAM) hires over 40 individuals from all over the United States and internationally, to bring the magic and fun our campers crave.Don’t forget you’ll want to cool off after a hard day of riding so be sure to bring your swim suit to spend time down at the Palisades Reservoir! Safety and supervision are top priorities at CAP and TAM.

Learn about knife safety, lashing and how to engineer a shelter using minimal tools. Our staff believes in the Girl Scout Promise and Law.Get ready to giddy-up because horses have taken over Camp Ta-Man-A-Wis for a week of grooming, gaining horse sense and riding. Girl Scouts will live in cabins within a unit amongst other Girl Scouts. Our Philosophy Summer camp is a special place where magic appears, friendships are made and girls learn not only about themselves, but about the outside world in which they live.Spend time working with the horses and learning proper ways to ride. Within these groups, campers will be part of community-learning to make group decisions. Each Girl Scout will participate in at least one unit kaper, all-camp kaper, or cookout kaper. Each Girl Scout will participate in a democratic decision-making process within their unit to decide what activities they will do during block four each day as well as deciding on what activities they do during cabin’s own. Girl Scouts will participate in meals served family style to promote a sense of community and togetherness. Staff will act as models for girls to look up to while they are at camp. It’s a place where girls are able to challenge themselves mentally and physically in a safe and fun environment.Cam sites are becoming more and more popular among the general population, that is why is growing.If you are an Indian girl, and you want to participate in an Indian live chat, then try

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