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Right now, our big blue marble can sustain about 4 to 5 billion people but, hang on, there's already 6.5 billion of us!

Again, let me say that I have nothing against children, but it's a measure of how powerful the human urge to breed and replicate is that we rarely raise the question: "Is it socially responsible to have kids? People who have decided against having children are called childless, the very term implying these folk are missing out on something when, in fact, often they've made a very deliberate (and sometimes painful) choice.Edith, She is not ill she is angry because of the situation and she is lashing out at u and your daughters.I am sorry but i feel u r in alot of ways to blame for what is going on here by treating her like your husbands mistress."Time after time, instead of learning to maintain - to nurture and care for - Earth's resources, humans have dipped into nature's non-renewable reserves: her living species, her soil, her water, her minerals and finally, her stored fossil fuels - consuming each in turn." You can argue about the details of this all day but the hard news is indisputable: our current global environmental impact is unsustainable.It exceeds the limits of our planet's carrying capacity.

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Hopefully one day people will open their eyes and realise some things are a priviledge and not a right.

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