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It was a short robe and she’d not pulled it on properly so her left tit was free as was her bush, as the robe kept flowing open at the bottom due to her state of severe consternation, all the more to Eddie’s delight. ” She seemed sincere and not angry so Eddie thought he would lay it all on the line. His mom had an alarm system installed after that night, at Eddie’s mature urging. “You’re not the only one who’s had an active ‘fantasy’ life Honey. “Oh, I wanna jerk something, but not your mind son.” Her look was scary but Eddie was down for it. “Jesus son,” was all she could muster as his flaccid yet still strong, thick and gorgeous cock hung before her. Let’s go Bitch.” She looked up into her sons eyes. I still want you to call me ‘mom’ and I will still refer to you as my son. Considering the way his mom slurped his cock, she seemed pleased with it too. " Eddie slammed her a dozen more times and started spurting shot after shot of hot cum in her. He pulled his face from her tits and looked at her.

Eddie backed out of the doorway and Andrews’ ran past, fear all over his face. “If ya wanna know the truth…” “I do” she interrupted, “Well mom, the truth is I masturbate two or three times per day fantasizing about you! She had to confess to herself that she had fostered that role in her son to both placate his young mind and because she thought it good for him to feel responsible for others, namely her and her daughter. I started having sex with Willie about 4 or 5 months ago because I laid in bed every night cramming my fingers in myself thinking about a strong and hot young man I lived with but could never ‘make mine’ as I wanted to.” Eddie’s jaw dropped at hearing his mom say that as she stood two feet from him. Eddie enjoyed the feeling but he really liked his mother's subservience to him even more. I have wanted you for so long." She led him toward the bed and laid on her back as he crawled up over her legs and belly. "I love you too mom, and like a man loves the object of his desires." They kissed again and he hardened again without ever pulling out.

She was a childless divorcee and a beautiful woman too.

Now Eddie had a very hot sub wife and his sub sister in his bed whenever he wanted.

She left the house and one half the estate to Eddie; his sister got the other half of the cash and it was a substantial amount.

He bounded up the steps and reached his mom’s room.

It was windy and the cooling air was helped on its way by dark clouds.

November rolled on toward Thanksgiving, and in his senior year Eddie was glad. Power went out in school and class was dismissed an hour and a half early so he was eager to get home, twist up a doobie and get blitzed before his mom came home from her hospital volunteer work. His father and mother divorced, his sister grown and married and Eddie lived a good life.

Andrews, ya might really hurt yourself.” Andrews looked at him and ran for his life, his shoes in his hands. No… but then fucking your friend’s husband is not too much on the up and up, and as the moral pillar around here that you always pretend to be, well, you’re a hypocrite. I am being an ass.” His mom whimpered a bit more and he went on trying to mend the rift. I was looking forward to coming home and getting high and beating my cock before you got home from the hospital. It was an accident.” She calmed a bit and accepted that they would need to talk calmly before this shook out. “Eddie, this cannot be the nature of our relationship. We have to work this out to live here successfully.” She looked at him earnestly. Eddie picked up a weighed book end and told the suitor he had “3 seconds to get out” or Eddie would crack his skull open. She knew it was hard for him to admit these things he’d admitted to her. He pulled her hair and she looked up to him for direction. She reached for his swollen cock and he fondled her tits and ass. Her nipples hardened to an extreme and she pulled back and faintly whispered, "Mommy's coming Honey." He tweaked her nipples harder as they swelled to huge nubs trying to leap off her chest. He pumped her through a half dozen intense orgasms and his nipples hardened,. Eddie knew the world was now a very different place, and he was good with it. The coming months before he left for college sealed their lifelong commitment.

The backdoor slammed so hard the whole house shook. “Damn mom, is that what they meant by ‘Free Willie? I’d say that’s enough for a start.” Carol Wilkins fumed at her son. And she had to confess at least to herself, that his attention and fantasizing about her made her feel excited, like a little girl. "I want you naked mom," he ordered, she more then pleased to be naked before him, She felt a little humiliated as she removed her clothes and he rubbed his cock watching her, but she found that almost as thrilling as actually sucking this manly cock on her son. "That feels nice" she whispered, leaning in on his chest. Even his marriage at 23 and children did not end their love.

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  2. and millions more know about the game and have automatic assumptions about the types of people who play it (few of which are true, actually, considering how many really sharp, smart, and well put-together people actively play or have played the game…like yours truly.) Honestly, the piece is anything but – and it’s actually a pretty great story about how MMOs and other online games where an avatar represents you in a virtual world can actually be a great way for people to get to know each other in a non-threatening way without forcing them to meet up in a crowded bar or put either of them in an awkward situation.

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