Am i too young to join a dating site

Illuminati members use encrypted codes for online communication purposes – they do not send each other emoticons via Facebook chat (despite owning Facebook).Do they really want to know your Facebook or Linked In profile address? Consider specifying a physical drop spot location (for receiving secret documents, weapons etc.) and a secure meeting point.If you wish to join the Illuminati, you should already be studying a second or third language, a fact you would be wise to mention. If you know how to write coded or encrypted messages, include that information here.

What the Illuminati does not know about you now, it will know in the future if you are accepted.

If you are incapable of finding out your country’s telephone code, you are not a suitable candidate for the Illuminati.

Complete mailing address, including country: Giving away too much private information, especially your actual home address, is sloppy.

In order to help govern world affairs, you need to demonstrate a global mentality.

Therefore, consider writing something like: “Belgian (but a fraternal citizen of the World, a brother in arms to the New World Order).” Spoken languages: List the languages you speak.

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