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Art: Better than I expected for a series like this. As for the voice acting, I didn't really have a problem with anyone. I know they're side characters but if they're going to show up more than a few times, make them do more than "Oops, you can see my panties" or accidentally get naked.

I'll admit that a few of the episodes, maybe five of them, I really liked, thought they were well done, and made me laugh a bit. Sound: Nothing in the bgm caught my attention and the opening was just okay. Character: I did enjoy watching some of the characters but a lot of them seemed neglected and didn't get much screen time, which kind of disappointed me. two seasons to this series basically.the second series starts somewhere around episode 14.. but it has absolutely nothing to do with the storyline.. Most of the episodes made me want to punch my screen though. I wouldn't say that they're trying too hard or anything like that. Hmmmm Well I watched this series due to a suggestion in the recommendations of Rosario Vampire.. It's just that most of the pervy jokes, accidents and misunderstandings are things we've seen before. If anything, for those new to Anime it might just be their first ecchi comedy because if you start watching Anime, you'll run into these somewhere along the line unless you're very selective and careful. The plot does get more of a serious tone towards the end of the anime, but overall it's just a fun anime.

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