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Sir John Witherspoon (1722-1794) Beith (signatory American Independence) 14.Elizabeth Mc Guire (1724-1801)Kilmaurs (Countess Glencairn/Burns patron) 15.Colonel William Fullerton (1754-1808) Troon (soldier/statesman) 22.

Each of Ayrshire's 46,250 school children at 26 secondaries and 137 primaries will receive a direct electronic link in three different formats.

At the launch ceremony in Irvine's Menzies Hotel, Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce chief executive Val Russell, said: "This enhances the work we do with schools and in particular the Chamber Youth Academy which provides a direct link to our 800 members.

"We were looking for a way to highlight innovators, entrepreneurs, sports people, arts, music and business and through them raise the aspirations of our young people.

"What a message that can give to this generation about what they can achieve.

"This initiative is about culture and heritage but it is also about who we are and more importantly what we can be." Songstress Eddie Reader, from Irvine, donated five of her hit Burns songs to the project, which as well as featuring sound also boasts video.

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