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Chappell explained that, in his rendition of the story, Dudley dies by jumping off his school building, having been compelled to do so while under the Imperious Curse."Uh, I don't know what you're reading," Zhang texted,"but it's not ." "I assume the scene where Harry and Hermione get intimate? Zhang had to give Chappell the awkward and yet obvious information that there is no sex in the books because, you know, they're for kids. " Chappell asked after coming to terms with the fact that the book he was reading was definitely one of fan fiction.Instead, his brother Joaquin walked River out of the club when he groggily roused himself.There, the dark-haired actor fell to the ground and went into seizures. Phoenix’s girlfriend, Mathis, was futilely banging her head against the wall; Joaquin kept insisting everything was fine.Then 18, Di Caprio idolized Phoenix, whose industry cred had only risen when he played a street hustler in “My Own Private Idaho.” Di Caprio couldn’t get close enough to talk to Phoenix, but he did get a good look at his face.“He was beyond pale — he looked white,” the actor recalled.When River Phoenix fatally collapsed from a drug overdose on the sidewalk outside the notorious Viper Room on Halloween 1993, he was a 22-year-old Oscar-nominated star of the classic “Stand by Me” with a brilliant future in the making. As Gavin Edwards reveals in his new book, “Last Night at The Viper Room: River Phoenix and the Hollywood He Left Behind,” the actor was planning to quit moviemaking. That night he headed out into the Hollywood scene with his younger brother, Joaquin, and sister, Rain.

So he headed back to the table to share the evening with girlfriend Samantha Mathis and his brother and sister.

“Kate Moss might get behind the bar; Naomi Campbell might dance with security; Depp might have a longer conversation with Chrissie Hynde about religion.

On those nights, Depp had reduced the Viper Room to its essence: a party room for him and his celebrity pals,” Edwards reports.

There he took a drink from a friend, someone he had twice taken to rehab, and gulped it down without asking what was in it.

It was a liquid speedball, a mix of cocaine and heroin. Edwards speculates that if an ambulance had been called at that moment, Phoenix might have been saved.

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And though he is reasonably scarred, Chappell reportedly found the whole thing to be pretty hilarious.

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