Corey haim dating daisy hoya

She wasn’t staying home because she didn’t want to be seen looking plump and pregnant.

The REAL reason she was IN HIDING is because doctors refuse to inject fillers into pregnant women!

Are we supposed to believe this lascivious mogul never made a pass at such an attractive model, who was indebted to him and also happened to be single at that time?

C’mon, Heidi we KNOW you have a story or two – why won’t you share them with us?

Back in October when Weinstein accusations were exploding, Heidi only made vague comments about the fact that every business had sexual predators, and that was all she had to say…so far.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA co-founder Paul Marciano DENIES sexual assault allegations that started with Kate Upton, the MORE women come forward with their own stories.

These other accusers are apparently emboldened by his irate denials.

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