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Our latest edition will join the previously integrated technologies which include: Jersey (REST), JPA, Hibernate, Java Script, AJAX and Groovy.

no quiero entrar en este tema si os interesa, podéis leer la siguientes webs que explican por que es mejor el modelo contrato primero frente a partir de una interfaz de programación: Para terminar la introducción decir que Spring también tiene mucho que aportar en relación a otras técnicas de comunicación remota: RMI, Hessian y Burlap, HTTPInvoker. A continuación vamos a ver un completo ejemplo en donde construiremos un Servicio Web que representa al motor de búsqueda de libros de una biblioteca.

We will now step through these processes to get an understanding of how this sequence of events is encoded in our application. The servlet mapping would map the soap request passing it on to determine its endpoint mapping.

The interface Detects @Payload Root annotations on @Endpoint bean methods.

Our domain model is simple and small consisting of two class Person and Company.

Below is what they look like as encoded in the XMLSchema: Companies Response get Companies(Companies Request companies Request); Person Response get Person(Person Request person Request); Persons Response get Persons(Persons Request person Search Request); Table Count Response get Table Count(Table Count Request table Count Request); These are utility classes that are generated to pass the request and response information through our SOAP messages.

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The Company Directory Endpoint has such annotations.

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