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I really wanted to like this, it's reminiscent of a mix between Coco and Mademoiselle, but theres something that I find off about it. I think it is a well blended fragrance and even though it is light, i think it is kinda complex.Overall, I like the dry down with a noticeable presence of sandalwood and tonka, but with the scent as a whole, I detect this synthetic, almost plastic-y smell that makes it hard to like Noir. I am surprised to see there is no incense note listed. I like the slightly sweet smoke with the cleanness. This is one of the few Chanel fragrances that i would gladly wear.Try looking for a website that has that you can interact with.That’ll allow you to utilize tip #2 and play the numbers game.Coco Noir was created by Jacques Polge and Christopher Sheldrake.Coco Noir is a deep, dark, dirty patchouli, which is at the same time quite clean and fresh!Personally, I think the concept of the bottle is stunning and very sleek, but that synthetic smell hovering over the other notes is not my cup of tea. I don't think this is a sexy perfume, and it is not really office appropriate.

Click here to find members you can start Cam Share with now.I keep beautiful wafts of a yummy, deep and damp rose and patchouli (indeed similar to Midnight Poison for those of you who are wondering, also a bit like Noir de Noir of Tom Ford but much less sweet) it's earthy, resinous and just delicious!I discovered it in 2013 and have been repurchasing it since it's got a vintage/calssy feminine vibe too which I adore simply can't get enough!It’s common sense that if you’re nice to people, then you’re more likely to receive a positive response back.And If you’re thinking, Play the numbers game and don’t be afraid to move on to the next girl if your sex chat isn’t really panning out.

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They might just not be your type or you might not be theirs – and that’s totally fine.

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