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It is estimated that, at maximum glacial extent, 30 percent of the Earth's surface was covered by ice.

In addition, a zone of permafrost stretched southward from the edge of the glacial sheet, a few hundred kilometers in North America, and several hundred in Eurasia.

The International Commission on Stratigraphy (a body of the International Union of Geological Sciences) is in agreement with the time period for the Pleistocene, but has not yet confirmed a Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) for the Pleistocene/Holocene boundary.

A GSSP is an internationally agreed upon section of the geologic strata that serves as the reference section for a particular boundary on the geologic time scale.

During interglacial times, such as Earth is experiencing now, drowned coastlines were common, mitigated by isostatic or other emergent motion of some regions. Antarctica was ice-bound throughout the Pleistocene as well as the preceding Pliocene.

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GSSPs are generally, but not always, based on paleontological changes.

The proposed section for the Pleistocene is the North Greenland Ice Core Project ice core (75°06′N 42°18′W) (Svensson et al. The Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point for the start of the Pleistocene is in a reference section at Vrica, 4 kilometers south of Crotone in Calabria, southern Italy, a location whose exact dating has recently been confirmed by analysis of strontium and oxygen isotopes, as well as by planktonic foraminifera.

Scattered domes stretched across Siberia and the Arctic shelf. South of the ice sheets, large lakes accumulated due to blockage of outlets and decreased evaporation in the cooler air.

North central North America was totally covered by Lake Agassiz.

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The ICS proposed that the "Quaternary" be considered a sub-era (sub-erathem) with its base at the base of the Pilocene Gelasian Stage GSSP at ca. The boundary is not in dispute, but the sub-era status was rejected by INQUA.

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