Danielle fishel dating lance bass speed dating in kansas

However, while Danielle was on the radio show she managed to spill out a lot of information about her past.Topanga showed up for the interview a bit hung over, as she admitted to, which probably helped her open up.If YOU want super human powers, follow @_hairbylaurie.A post shared by daniellefishel (@daniellefishel) on Here we are going to share with you some interesting details about Fishel's relationship with her ex-husband Tim Belusko, their divorce and her past relationships and affairs.

She said she got that tattoo since it's how she felt at 19 after she broke up with a guy that used to "beat the crap out of me".

Feeny Great actors are known for the words that they speak But just like David Lynch, you're best known for twin peaks Seriously, I'm a fan, so no disrespect But you look like an Olsen twin mixed with girl Shrek [Danielle Fishel] Alright. Alright [Jonathan Lipnicki] Let's see what you got [Danielle Fishel] Joshua, give me a beat [Round 1: Danielle Fishel] Jonathan grew up, man, you truly blossomed It's me versus the guy who's not Haley Joel Osment Yes, you're a star, you're actually like the sun 'Cause you were set around five, but by seven, you were done You're like an old, dusty player of DVDs Because neither of you have worked since 2003 Ya got famous off one line, and yeah, we enjoyed it Now the only line you're famous for is unemployment [Danielle Fishel] Boom [Jonathan Lipnicki] Drop another one for me!

[Round 2: Jonathan Lipnicki] You dated Lance Bass, and you didn't have a clue?

Oh, and she also mentioned it was a "famous" boyfriend.

Doubtful that it's Bass, since the two are still friends.

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