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The mt DNA from the finger bone differs from that of modern humans by 385 bases (nucleotides) in the mt DNA strand out of approximately 16,500, whereas the difference between modern humans and Neanderthals is around 202 bases.

So far, the fossils of four distinct Denisovans from Denisova Cave have been identified through their DNA: Denisova 2, Denisova 3, Denisova 4, and Denisova 8.

The single finger bone is unusually broad and robust, well outside the variation seen in modern people.

Surprisingly, it belonged to a female individual, indicating that the Denisovans were extremely robust, perhaps similar in build to the Neanderthals.

In the same second 2010 paper, the authors reported the isolation and sequencing of nuclear DNA from the Denisova finger bone.

This specimen showed an unusual degree of DNA preservation and low level of contamination.

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