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I was told by my doctor that no permanent damage can occur from smoking pot, however, I do have my doubts.There are a countless number of studies and research suggesting marijuana does not cause permanent brain damage and there are a countless number that suggests the contrary.I mean, thats why he's there and thats why you pay for him.Good Luck -Calvin Taximan, this isn't an attack but I have to respectfully disagree with a lot of what you are saying. Secondly, stroke victims that loose control of one half of their body.Unless you're talking about 20 to 30 years, then you will be OK again. When I quit at 30, it took over 1 year before I could sleep normally again.

If you are able to notice small improvements over time, you are probably on the path to recovering.We asked the doctor, how he could improve so much and what was going on. His brain was forming new pathways to control those parts of the body, and how was his brain doing this? I also wanted to comment on your beliefs about marijuana.Yes, it is bad for addicts, too much of anything is bad.The brain is VERY good at healing itself, so much so that modern science can't explain it. In my case an elderly man i knew lost the left side of his body.That meant no swallow reflex, no shutting your left eye, no left arm, no left leg, and only half a smile when he could push one out. But in a few months, he could use his arm, leg, eye and mouth again, and his swallow reflex was improving.

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