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Travis created the Nitro Circus brand and partnered with Godfrey Entertainment to create a hit series on MTV.Nitro Circus Live, which features a touring cast and crew of 150 along with 250 tons of equipment that must be hauled in 16 semi-trailers, has sold more than 750,000 tickets and grossed nearly million during its four years in existence."The funniest part was that the production assistants seemed more embarrassed.

ESPN initially asked Pastrana to appear in the Body Issue last year. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana, a professional skateboarder, was pregnant, so the shoot was delayed a year."It's really an honor to be part of it.

Travis Pastrana has ridden his motorcycle hundreds of times along the trails and over the jumps he created on his Davidsonville property.

Pastrana had never done so with his wife on the back of the dirt bike while both were naked, with a camera crew filming and photographing their every move.

Pastrana, 30, is one of the most successful motocross riders of all time, having won numerous amateur and professional championships.

The Annapolis native's popularity soared as a result of the X Games, in which he has captured 11 gold medals in Motocross jumping and Rally Car racing.

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And this was an electric start of his racing career.

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