Updating kernel in linux mint 12 problem updating on turbo tax

You can also find a local copy of this image attached at the end of this article.

After you download the image, you need to decompress it.

At least until we achieve the World Domination(tm) and thus get to compile our own BIOS-es from source. I was just in this audience: no windows, no dos, no floppy drive.

I roughly knew what to do, but did not know where to find freedos, rarely edited iso images, never burnt a bootable cdrom before, this article saved me a few hours of research and trial/error. No, installed OS is not affected with a BIOS update.

uses UMB for lots of stuff, which you MUST NOT DO when updating BIOS. My sincere apologies if some of you were mislead thinking that you could flash your BIOS from a running Linux, I'm really sorry, this article is not about that. ;) I am not being picky about the correct words, I'm being picky about the things as they are.

So, you could only update your virtual BIOS that way, theoretically. Was it a Free DOS compatibility issue with your brand of motherboard? Note that this is a good article because it's specific and informative, even if it didn't work for *you*. Gents: For the technical minority this BIOS-flashing discussion evidently is useful. you can flash a motherboard from linux, without using your stupid windows tools, jerks.The title of this article led me to it, and solved my problem.Any title that did not contain the term Linux would not have been found. COM /E:256 /P should become just: FILES=20 BUFFERS=20 SHELL=\COMMAND.Many times over the years I've gone to looking to d/l a boot disk but for some reason they don't provide one even though for most people bios flashing is the only reason they'd need the project. If that's the case and you do have a floppy another way of doing this would be to use dosemu for creating boot floppy with bios update. I only tried to reflect my situation where I had linux (and only linux), had no floppy, and still wanted to flash my bios, nevertheless.A lot of vendors ship compressed floppy images as exe file (how to extract bios upgrade from there if not by using dosemu). Yes, it's true that in the end you flash the BIOS from the Free DOS, but why's that so important?

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