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Remove all but the , displaying the names, prices, and suppliers of the products in the Northwind database that belong to the Beverages category (see Figure 11). Figure 18: The Breadcrumb Now Uses the Custom Site Map Provider click on the View Products link for Beverages, and then on the View Details link for Chai Tea.Feel free to further enhance this page to include a link to return users to the category listing page () and a Details View or Form View control that displays the selected category s name and description. As Figure 19 shows, the breadcrumb includes the current site map section ( Chai Tea ) and its ancestors: Beverages and All Categories .With this site map, visiting the web page corresponding to the root node might list all of the categories, whereas visiting a particular category s web page would list that category s products and viewing a particular product s web page would show that product s details.Figure 1: The Categories and Products Makeup the Site Map s Structure (Click to view full-size image) While this category- and product-based structure could be hard-coded into the file, the file would need to be updated each time a category or product was added, removed, or renamed.In this tutorial we'll build a custom provider that retrieves its data from the BLL. Note The custom site map provider created in this tutorial is tightly coupled to the application s architecture and data model.Jeff Prosise s Storing Site Maps in SQL Server and The SQL Site Map Provider You ve Been Waiting For articles examine a generalized approach to storing site map data in SQL Server.

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Figure 14: Chai Tea s Supplier, Category, Price, and Other Information is Displayed (Click to view full-size image) The site map is represented in the web server s memory as a collection of class is used, which reads the site map s structure from a properly-formatted XML file. In order to use site map information from some other source such as from a database, the application s architecture, or a remote Web service we need to create a custom site map provider.

However, with a little bit of work we can create our own custom site map provider. This involves creating a class that derives, directly or indirectly, from the class.

In general, each node in the site map may specify a URL.

For our site map, the root node s URL will be pages.

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