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The rest (~30%) meet through some part of their daily lives - church, family, neighborhood, work, or school.

Last month, at a public meeting in South Auckland to address the issue, residents were shocked to hear that, in some area, girls as young as 11 had been found working the streets.Under the Prostitution Reform Act (PRA) it’s a crime to assist, facilitate or encourage a person under 18 years of age to provide commercial sex services. NZ First’s social policy spokeswoman Asenati Lole-Taylor’s private member’s bill, the Prostitution Reform (Control of Street Prostitution) Amendment Bill, seeks to re-criminalise street prostitution with fines of up to 00 for both prostitutes and clients.The council’s bill, which had its first reading in February before a select committee, seeks to introduce bylaws that would enforce where street prostitution cannot occur, for instance near residential areas and schools, as well as giving police powers of arrest, along with fines of up to 00 to both street workers and clients.Word in the neighbourhood had been that in recent months a surge of underage prostitutes (up to between 20 and 30 at a time) had taken to the streets.Media reports claimed that prostitutes as young as 13 were earning up to 0 a night and news outlets were out in force trying to track down the story.

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“The thing is, because I have been around for a long time, I know all the regulars so when I see a new face I will introduce myself, but, with the younger ones, they don’t want to know me because they know they’re not supposed to be there.

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