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Terrence Mc Coy reports on the sources of this money, from wealthy Middle Eastern backers to the black market If there was an exact moment that the international community understood the breadth of Boko Haram’s evil, it came last month, when the group’s leader grinned and announced that he would sell more than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls in his “market of selling human beings”.Behind Abubakar Shekau, a man who rose to the top of Boko Haram through unmatched brutality and religious fanaticism, loomed several armoured vehicles.and appeared very unsettled, so I turned her back," he said.Seconds later, the device she was wearing exploded, followed by that on the younger girl, he added.

The Islamic militants, masquerading as members of the military, raided three villages in north-eastern Nigeria this week and killed 400 villagers “from house to house” using “sophisticated weapons”, one local leader told .Dozens more Boko Haram members arrived at another village, Bargari, disguised as preachers and assembled all those living in the village, ostensibly to teach Islam.Once they had gathered, another “large number of terrorists” arrived and “opened fire on the congregation”, one resident told Nigeria’s Daily Post.President Muhammadu Buhari declared the uprising "technically defeated" a year ago.On Friday, he vowed Nigeria's military is working "at slamming the final nail in the coffin of Boko Haram".

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It is unlcear if they detonated the bombs, of if they were detonated remotely.

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