Weatherlink not updating wunderground

I'm running Davis Vantage Vue with Weather Link with the IP logger. I looked at a station down from me and had the same time gap. I've been having issues with wunderground updating my station data since the new year.It is now down and not updating once again this morning.I'm still running my production system with Windows 7-Pro, but have a test weather software system with Windows 10-Pro.

Note this is a direct-to-Internet connection and does not rely on my computer.

action [action=updateraw] -- always supply this parameter to indicate you are making a weather observation upload ID [ID as registered by] PASSWORD [Station Key registered with this PWS ID, case sensitive] dateutc - [YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS (mysql format)] In Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) Not local time winddir - [0-360 instantaneous wind direction] windspeedmph - [mph instantaneous wind speed] windgustmph - [mph current wind gust, using software specific time period] windgustdir - [0-360 using software specific time period] windspdmph_avg2m - [mph 2 minute average wind speed mph] winddir_avg2m - [0-360 2 minute average wind direction] windgustmph_10m - [mph past 10 minutes wind gust mph ] windgustdir_10m - [0-360 past 10 minutes wind gust direction] Aq NO - [ NO (nitric oxide) ppb ] Aq NO2T - (nitrogen dioxide), true measure ppb Aq NO2 - NO2 computed, NOx-NO ppb Aq NO2Y - NO2 computed, NOy-NO ppb Aq NOX - NOx (nitrogen oxides) - ppb Aq NOY - NOy (total reactive nitrogen) - ppb Aq NO3 -NO3 ion (nitrate, not adjusted for ammonium ion) UG/M3 Aq SO4 -SO4 ion (sulfate, not adjusted for ammonium ion) UG/M3 Aq SO2 -(sulfur dioxide), conventional ppb Aq SO2T -trace levels ppb Aq CO -CO (carbon monoxide), conventional ppm Aq COT -CO trace levels ppb Aq EC -EC (elemental carbon) – PM2.5 UG/M3 Aq OC -OC (organic carbon, not adjusted for oxygen and hydrogen) – PM2.5 UG/M3 Aq BC -BC (black carbon at 880 nm) UG/M3 Aq UV-AETH -UV-AETH (second channel of Aethalometer at 370 nm) UG/M3 Aq PM2.5 - PM2.5 mass - UG/M3 Aq PM10 - PM10 mass - PM10 mass Aq OZONE - Ozone - ppb

ID=KCASANFR5&PASSWORD=XXXXXX&dateutc=2000-01-01 &winddir=230&windspeedmph=12&windgustmph=12&tempf=70&rainin=0&baromin=29.1&dewptf=68.2&humidity=90&weather=&clouds=&softwaretype=vws versionxx&action=updateraw Rapid Fire Updates allow you to update weather station conditions at a frequency up to once observation every 2.5 seconds.

Hello, I hope someone can help, I have been uploading to weather Underground with no problem for a year, but since yesterday the station panel on the history page above the map, and its associated weather sticker are not updating.

The graphs and data entries are updating fine and I can sometimes force an update by hitting the test button in Weatherlink.

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The new map is powered by Java Script, which must therefore be enabled on any browser wishing to view the map image. An updated map is being prepared and will be posted within a day or so.

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