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The Maestro Fuzz-Tone is simply the first fuzz ever!I felt a bit like an archeologist when inspecting this effect !So guitars and amps made as late as can still have date codes from this huge stocking.

Thus, the lower the serial, the older the pedal is.Jensen speaker made in the 41st week of Thanks for the vote of confidence, BUT Though they are one piece of the puzzle and something to consider, don't put too much faith into a pot date.The source-date code on a pot is a 6 or 7 digit code impressed into the casing of the potentiometer. It might also help to know exactly what guitar, model, year, serial number etcthose pots are in.Dating from pot codes They had a Professional series, a Concert series, and a Standard series.I'll be on the lookout for more and know what to look for now. The suffix code letter identifies the quality of the speaker. In this case, the speaker is made by Rola in the 9th week of Probably an early It may have been some time before the part was installed at the factory, but it still provides a good approximation of when ames and jackie dating gear was made.

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Some players even made holes in the speaker to make the distortion even greater!

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