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It was unsurprising; the vast majority of depression research to date has looked primarily at the hippocampus.But Dr Lobo wanted to see whether the gene's levels in the reward center could also trigger depression.Derived from the 1951 300 saloon, the 300SL’s driveline, suspension and in particular its high-mounted, rear swing axles were all designed for comfort rather than stability at speed.That rear suspension imposed a high rear roll centre and encouraged large camber and toe-in changes according to the wheel travel.Looking at their brain scans, they saw these smaller mice had experienced a decrease in levels of Slc6a15 in their brain's reward center.

Today I’m one of only two people outside of Mercedes to be insured to drive this car worth about twice the value of my house.They put them in high-stress situations, such as being confronted by larger, more aggressive mice.In those situations, the mice became fearful, and afterwards demonstrated symptoms of depression.Colloquially known as “the tart trap”, even in the mid-Sixties when it would have been at least a decade old, it was a singular automobile. I still remember the smell of leather, oil and petrol, the burning on my bare thighs from the sun-scorched seats and the blinding glare off the chromium dashboard.Posing somewhere between automotive haute couture and gaudy strumpet, the 300SL gullwing has had a lot of words expelled on it. How the original racing car was noisily launched on March 12 1952 on the old A81 between Stuttgart and Heilbronn.

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