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After checking this afternoon (November 4), there was no additional diagnosis, but due to the hospital's advice to get plenty of rest and avoid physical activity, Jimin will not be participating in select stages, including ones with choreography performances; however, he will be participating in the concert as a whole.

Typhoon Hato has left at least three dead and two missing in Macau, after widespread flooding led to a territory-wide power outage and significant damage to property.

For now, she's holed up in her hotel room and letting the typhoon pass before she catches a flight to Hong Kong. "The worst thing is, there are literally thousands and thousands of the best shops in the world.

Of the four, two have been rescued and two remain unaccounted for.

At noon, a fishing boat parked in the Macau Peninsula was sunk by the typhoon.

The Macau government is following up on the incident.

he works at The Wynn in Macau, so luckily he is in a sturdy and safe location.

Hoping for safety and assistance to those suffering rn!

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The Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau plans to replace the storm signal T8 with the signal T3 at pm.

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