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The camera captured Ringley doing almost everything – brushing her teeth, doing her laundry, doing stripteases – and then she broadcast it live over the Internet.

However Amanda made an important early discovery that would influence the camming industry for decades to come – that a website's popularity could be greatly increased by enabling viewers to chat with a performer while online.

Enabled with this new revenue stream for strippers, the strip club industry went through a period of extreme growth during the 1980s.

And in the early 20th century sociologist Paul Cressey noted that within the hundreds of taxi-dance halls of America, "the traffic in romance and in feminine society" would become available when taxi dancers would offer their companionship and "the illusion of romance" for ten cents a dance.

Within public chat rooms the audience can see tips and viewer comments as scrolling text which appears next to the real-time video stream.

The tokens can also be used to buy videos or souvenirs of the model.

Similar camming sites such as Chaturbate, Cam4and My Free boast 4.1 million, 3.7 million and 2 million unique monthly visitors, respectively.

The decentralized business model of camming has upended the pornography industry in multiple ways.

When webcam models create their live Internet broadcasts, they perform the activity known as camming.

A third-party hosting website which transmits multiple webcam models' video-streams is known as a camming site.

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